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Empire Page Readers Speak Loud and Clear

Empire Page readers have spoken loudly and clearly about some of the major issues of the day in our recent Poll Question of the Week voting.

In our poll question asking whether Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver should resign a whopping 82% of respondents said YES.  Interestingly in that poll no one voted “no opinion.”

Prior to that we asked readers whether they think the public is paying attention to the scandals and arrests involving NYS Legislature and NYC officials.  Twenty-one percent believe fewer than 1% of the population has been paying attention, twelve percent say fewer than ten percent, while 26% of our readers say it’s fewer than 25 percent.

And, in our latest poll, asking readers opinions about Gov. Cuomo’s tax-free proposal, 76% oppose it and only 18% are in favor.  That poll will run the rest of the week. So, if you haven’t voted, don’t forget to do so.

Is there an issue you think we should poll?  Send us your question and if it’s a good one, we’ll use it.