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The Soviet Union Comes to Washington, D.C.

While the world watches the former Soviet Union celebrate its accomplishments since breaking from Soviet style rule, the mentality of communism has made its way into our nation’s capital. One example: did you know that you can be ticketed for legally parking on a D.C. street?!

That’s right. I recently found a “warning notice” on the windshield of my car which had been legally parked overnight near my son’s house in D.C. The notice said I would become eligible for “a ticket and/or impoundment” for failing to secure D.C. tags. My crime was having my car “observed for the second time within an 180 day period.”

Given that I do not live in D.C. and therefore am not eligible for a D.C. tag, here’s what I have to do to avoid being ticket AND/OR having my car IMPOUNDED for parking legally on a city street in our nation’s capital.

I have to REPORT to a DMV service center with a copy of the notice, and PROVE my non-residency. To do so I must provide them with an out-of-state lease or mortage, AND an utility bill from the same address, AND my out-of-state vehicle registration. In other words, I am guilty before proven innocent and the burden of proof is on me.

This is how I imagine communism worked in the Soviet Union. The people exist to serve the government. The people are weak, stupid and guilty. Those who run the government are strong, smart and always right. Rules can only be broken by top level government employees. In fact, rules are written to make life miserable for the average citizen and to make life as a government official a cushy lifetime sinecure.

I feel sorry for and do not blame the people in the D.C. DMV who have to enforce stupid laws like ticketing people who have not broken the law. It’s the members of the D.C. City Council who passed the law and of course they care little what acts of human hostility are directed at those they hire to enforce their stupid laws.

P.S.: If you visit our nation’s capital, it’s best not to drive your car or rent a car. You are sure to get a ticket for going through a yellow light or driving 40 MPH in a 35 MPH zone or parking in a spot reserved for a D.C. City Council Member!