One Man’s Take on Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Control Activity

Richard Ottalagano, a retired Democrat Fulton County supervisor, is fed up with Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement that he’s going to spend $50 million to support gun control legislation. Disclosure: Supervisor Ottalagano and I have been friends since high school.

Here’s what he says:

“Many people admire and revere former NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Looking at this differently, I see a clear and present danger to all Americans. With his massive power and money, he would push his will on us…

“His stand on guns, though well-sounding, is a play on the fears of innocent people. The record shows that most gun accidents are not caused by legal gun owners.

“In New York City, a gunman was cornered in a building, gunned down by law enforcement, and seven innocent people were hit. None of the bullets came from the gunman!… I support law enforcement, so I won’t go on…

“Following Bloomberg’s media statements, . . . are we seeing 1930’s Germany again, where a powerful person swayed a nation and caused millions of deaths, and mass destruction.

“Guns are not the issue! Our Constitutional rights are! Every time a national tragedy happens, government overreacts, and American citizens lose more rights. Look at the Patriot Act, and now the SAFE Act.

“As a Democratic Committee member, half the people I represent will work against Governor Cuomo’s Bloomberg sponsored run for re-election. Upstate Democrats are disgusted by the injustices coming from Albany! Cuomo’s constant shell games no longer fool people. . .

“In 1776, the impossible happened: a dedicated group of Patriots stood together and defeated the world’s largest power. We can do this, except instead of musket and shot, we need to use voter registration cards and the vote. If the number of people who never voted were induced to vote, we would win.

“Get voter registration forms, convince others to register to vote!”

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